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  • Joining Footwear Fair “Dubai Footwear Expo 2014” in Dubai, UAE
  • [Tuesday, 11-18-2014]
  • During the days from 10th to 13rd November 2014, the fair was operated, Footwear Fair “Dubai Footwear Expo 2014” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

     UAE is located in the Eastern Arabian Peninsula, North Qatar, the Arab Gulf east, west by Saudi Arabia to the south of Oman, including seven emirates, the largest of which is 2 emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


    The UAE has a population of nearly 6 million people to Islam is the national religion; the language used is Arabic, in addition to Persian, English, Hindi and Urdu. UAE's GDP in 2013 reached $ 390 billion and a GDP per capita of $ 65,000. Due to the terrain deserts and rich oil resources, the economic structure of agricultural UAE accounted for only 0.6%, while industry accounted for 61.1% and service is 38.2%.




    UAE is the open market, domestic consumption depends on imports, foreign trade so well developed, low import tariffs (from 0% -5%) for most types of merchandise and attract top foreign investment. The UAE is also a member of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf countries (GCC) and the Customs Union within six Gulf countries, the liberalization of intra-regional trade, applying common tariffs for goods imported imports from outside the block, according to the principle "a single entry point".


    Dubai, in the United Arab of Dubai, the UAE's largest cities have economic infrastructure, engineering leading to the airport, seaports, roads, telecommunications, electrical, commercial area free, big banks and modern ... and a gateway of goods and tourism in the UAE, Middle East and Africa. With a population of over 2 million people every year Dubai welcomes more than 5 million tourists to visit, accounting for 75% of imports of goods and 82% of exports of goods and non-oil UAE. Dubai's re-export market was the third largest commodity in the world, accounting for 78% of the UAE re-exports of goods, behind only Hong Kong and Singapore. Re-export items include electronics, automobiles, jewellery, textiles, footwear and agricultural products. Re-export markets are the Arab countries (Middle East and North Africa), Africa and Central Asia.




    At the conference and trade enterprises of Vietnam and the UAE as Vietnam LEFASO and Trade Department in Dubai held on the side-lines of the fair on 12nd November 2014, Commercial Counsellor at Dubai Pham Trong Nghia said in UAE, importers, exporters must be licensed "trading license". This license is issued to UAE nationals or companies with part ownership of UAE nationals make up more than 51%. Goods imported into the UAE must be distributed by the "Dealer Trade (Trade / commercial Agents) and only UAE nationals or enterprises wholly owned by UAE nationals to register as" trade agents ". Customs procedures in the UAE is quite simple, can make customs clearance of goods by Customs electronically.


    In 2013, the UAE's exports of goods reached 369 billion US dollars, the export markets are Japan, India, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, Oman, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Belgium, United States, Qatar, Indonesia, Italy. Imports from the UAE reached $ 250 billion, the main export markets are India, China, US, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Qatar, South Korea, Singapore, France, Turkey, Belgium, Malaysian.


    Trade Relations with Vietnam


    With convenient business conditions, low import duties, infrastructure, road transport and modern port, with many branches leading banks, people with high income per capita, number of immigration and the large number of tourists, the demand for imported goods are diverse in type and quality, Dubai is the international gateway for goods to Vietnam UAE market penetration and water Middle East as a potential major source of income from oil.


    Recently, Vietnam has implemented many trade promotion activities in the UAE and the UAE is currently the largest export market of Vietnam in West Asia. 2013, Vietnam's exports to the UAE reached 4.14 billion US dollars, double than in 2012, put the UAE became the largest export market of Vietnam 7th (after the United States, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Germany). 15 commodity groups of exports over US $ 10 million including telephones and accessories; computers, electronic products and components; textiles; pepper; footwear; fisheries; precious stones, precious metals and products; machinery, equipment, tools and accessories; iron and steel; tobacco raw materials; cashews; wood and wood products; rice; confectionery and cereal products; handbags, purses, suitcases, hats and umbrellas ... the competitiveness increasingly higher than Chinese goods, Malaysia. 2014, Vietnam's exports are expected to reach 4.8 billion (up 18%), total import-export turnover between the two countries is expected to reach 5.2 billion dollars.


    In the UAE, the footwear manufacturing industry is not well developed, only about 7 factories, the output to 250,000 pairs, mainly products are sandals. Consumer demand is mainly based on imports. 2013 UAE market footwear imports worth US $ 295 million, if including the need for re-export, reached 440 million, up 4% on average in the period 2009-2013. Expected demand for imports of footwear increased by an average of 4.8% between 2013 and 2018, reach 372 million by 2018. The main import items are leather shoes, sports, canvas shoes and sandals ...


    UAE main importers of footwear are from China (65%), Italy, Thailand (10%), Turkey, Spain, Korea, Vietnam. For the low-end shoes, UAE imports from China (60%), Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam. For high-quality products, the UAE imports mainly from Italy (30%), China (15%), Spanish, English, French ...


    Footwear exports from Vietnam to the UAE grew 55% annually in recent years. There has been a lot of shoes from Vietnam are sold in supermarkets, major commercial centres of the UAE, mainly of FDI, or through importers and international distributors. No more now Vietnam's footwear exports to the UAE directly.


    Implement trade promotion schemes approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade under the "Programme National Trade Promotion 2014", Association of Footwear and Bags Vietnam (LEFASO) organized the Vietnam business delegation to participate Expo 'Footwear Expo 2014' in Dubai with Store Vietnam (Vietnam Pavilion) built on an area of 81 m2 and decorated Vietnam map featured on a pale yellow background frame. 


    The enterprises who export Vietnam shoes and handbags: Vinh Thong, doba Footwear, Red Velvet, German Trieu Quang Phu, Phong Chau, and Chinh Viet ... brought to exhibit at the fair the variety of shoes and bags with various designs and high quality, manufactured in Vietnam. The fair has attracted the attention of many importers in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE members. Many businesses have met potential customers, but the most important thing now is the conditional market survey, understanding the needs and requirements of quality, taste, consumer trends and regulations import and export regulations of the UAE.

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