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  • Khatoco - Top Unit in the Ostrich and Crocodile Tanning Field
  • [Monday, 12-9-2013]
  • Outstandingly, Khatoco Ostrich and Crocodile Business Company is the first-rate tanning company in exotic leather field. With advanced and self-contained business model from two large-scale farms to productive tannery, we can confidently provide a big amount of leather with more than 40,000 ostrich and 10,000 annual.


    Always focus on the core strength with western-qualified green technology, we are able to please and satisfy every customer whose quality demand and diverse color needs are always strict. Using natural Vetiver grass (science name: Chryssopogon Zizanioides) is also included in our actions; plus, green-covered plant project which make our plant more environmental friendly is also in process. That environmental responsibility is absolutely high valued by our customers, this is also our fundamental advantage to create reliable and durable co-operation in the future.

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